What’s in Your Bartender Bag?

If you are working as a bartender, getting to work and discovering there aren’t enough mixing tins, strainers, or spoons sucks.

Thus, many people invest in their own tools.

Following the example of the lovely folks at Ford Mixology Lab, I will show you what I take to work when I am bartending:

1 Small Cutting Board
Cocktail Recipe Book
Paring Knife
Wine Key
(I should have a pen)
2 Bar spoons
1 Disk Style Bar Spoon
1 Pug Muddler
1 Small Sieve
3 AG Hawthorne Strainers
4 18 oz Naranja Tins
4 28 oz Naranja Tins
2 Yarai Mixing Glasses
(We usually have plenty of measuring jiggers where I currently work, so I don’t bother to bring them. If I was working a catering gig or somewhere I wasn’t familiar, I would bring a set of measuring jiggers.)

4 thoughts on “What’s in Your Bartender Bag?

  1. When you say “Cocktail Recipe Book,” is that a published work, or is this your own (possibly hand-written) compilation? If the latter, I hope you will have some printed up, because I would totally buy that.

  2. That’s an awful loud package of aspirin!

    We should do a “progressive notebook” exchange thing. Even though bloggers solicit bartenders for drink recipes all the time (and then communicate them near-instantly), it would be amusing to look at each others’ scrawled recipes and send them through the post.

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