Overheard on the 22-Fillmore, just after passing the California Culinary Academy.

“Dude, I totally mastered Spätzle today.”

“Wow, cool! What’s in Spätzle?”

“It’s pretty much just noodles: flour, water, eggs, salt.”

“You know, you don’t pronounce it that way. Any time a letter has an umlaut over it, you pronounce it like the letter.”


“Yeah, so Spätzle is pronounced spate-zell. You know the band Motörhead? They have like 3 umlauts in their name, so it’s really hard to say right. I think it’s like, “Mootoorheed”.”

3 thoughts on “Mootoorheed

  1. I recently read that Tyler Florence quote that spätzle is the new black. I’m beginning to think he’s right. Also, I do believe it is “spate-zell” based on my pathetic bit of German I picked up in one year in Switzerland. Not so sure about the Mootoorheed but they did have posters/t-shirts everywhere.

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