One of the first comments I got regarding my playlist post was the following from SFPaul.

I’m always surprised when it appears that music falls low on the priority list for a restaurant. Don’t they understand the roll of music is to the human experience and how it has accompanied us for thousands and thousands of years.
To have it be an afterthought tells me a lot about the management and how little they care about the dining experience as a whole.

As far as I can tell, the combination of music and intoxicating substances goes back as far as both have existed in human history. However, since many animals have been known to consume spontaneously fermented or naturally intoxicating substances, maybe longer. Who knows what those drunk Cedar Waxwings in the berry tree are saying to each other?

Music in bars would have first started, I presume, as spontaneous communal entertainment and drinking games.

Soon after, someone who was better at performing or singing than average probably received a drink, (or chicken,) for their stellar efforts and realized there were some goods or services which could be received for their efforts.

A couple centuries pass and soon the technology for performing songs without actual human musicians becomes possible. First clockwork bands and player pianos, then audio recording and playback. The iconic Jukebox of the 1950s diner and eventually the iPod.

Restaurants are trickier. I really am not sure when music started to become as ubiquitous as it currently is, as background music for dining. I tend to think, rather recently.

All the same, here we are, and restaurants, along with bars, are very nearly required, unless they are very, very fancy, to have some sort of background music for dining.

2 thoughts on “Entertainment!

  1. And so much of it is SO bad. Too loud, terrible fidelity, one could go on & on. It is getting to the point that, if I want to actually talk to my dinner company, I take them home & cook for them. Ghu knows I won’t be able to hear them in a restaraunt!

    On a completely different matter, have you seen this?

    You’re the only person I can think of who might have all of these ingredients at home already!


    • Ha!

      It certainly is a kitchen sink of ingredients! Sort of ‘one of everything’ kind of cocktail. The only thing it seems to be missing is a couple dashes of Absinthe!

      Cross between a Montego Bay and a Zombie.

      Unfortunately, I think I dumped the last of my blue curacao down the sink a couple years ago.

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