Savoy Cocktail Book Night, Oct-Nov 2012

So, um, there’s this thing where the San Francisco Giants are playing in the World Series.

The fourth game of the series falls on the last Sunday of the month.

Because Alembic doesn’t have a TV, and I figure pretty much every San Franciscan will be watching the game, we’re going to move it to the first Sunday, November 4th.

However, to make up for this move, we are planning a special event with Appleton Rum.

Appleton Reserve Rum

We will be featuring specials on 7 delicious Savoy Cocktails and a punch all made with Appleton Reserve Rum.

Baltimore Egg Nog,
Mary Pickford,
Millionaire #1,
and Sevilla #2.

Pretty awesome list, no? Not a cocktail on there I wouldn’t gladly drink!

Hope to see on November 4!