Saturday, October 27, 2012

I can’t resist fall flavors.

When I read David Tanis’ article, A Taste of Fall in a Bottle of Hard Cider, I knew I would be making the accompanying recipe, (more or less,) Pork Chops with Apples and Cider.

“But now, with piles of new-crop apples at the greenmarket and a stand selling local handmade cider, too, dinner seems practically predestined. I’ll pan-fry boneless pork chops and serve them with butter-browned apples and a Normandy-style sauce made with cider and cream. And to drink, a chilled bottle of sparkling New York hard cider.”

Sutton Cellars Gravenstein Cider

Sutton Cellars Gravenstein Cider

Since we’re on the West Coast, I am using Sutton Cellars delicious Gravenstein Sonoma Apple Cider for this dish!

Rub the chops with the spice mix and allow to stand at room temperature.

Saute apples until tender.

Flour chops and brown on both sides.

Remove chopes and drain excess oil from pan. Add cider to deglaze pan. Reduce until syrupy. Add Chicken Stock and thicken slightly using corn, potato, or arrowroot starch. Check seasoning and strain out any undesirable solids. Return sauce to pan and add (IMHO not optional) Calvados. Cook off excess alcohol then add apples, chops, and fresh sage (I left out the cream in the original) and place in a hot oven until desired degree of doneness is achieved. I served the chops with some roasted winter squash and a braise of dino kale and abalone mushrooms.

You’re not going to make me get up, are you?

Bonus Monty picture!

6 thoughts on “Saturday, October 27, 2012

  1. And speaking of Sutton Cellars, thanks for turning me onto their delightful vermouth last Savoy night at the Alembic. Tasty it was.
    SFPaul …maybe I should change my name to DogpatchPaul

  2. Ok, so Tuesday instead of the weekend. (Eh, Life Happens.) Monday night, throw thin pork chops into a ziploc with pepper, mustard, grains of paradise, some sweet cider, and a bruised sprig of sage from the garden. Tuesday morning, reach into fridge on the way to the polls & turn bag over to make sure both sides are well soaked. Go to work, having been unable to vote because of long lines & broken machines.

    Come home from work, pull chops out of fridge to warm, & head back to polls. Come home 90 minutes later, successful in spite of longer lines & MORE broken machines. Tell famished hubby, who suggests local Mexican restaurant that the chops will be quicker. Sear chops on 1 side, lower heat, fry on other side, maybe total 7 minutes? Deglaze pan with marinade & reduce. Serve with a commercial bread dressing & corn. The reduction made an amazingly good sweet & sour sauce. The chops had good flavor, but were a little firm. Next time, a shorter time & maybe dump in marinade before the chops come out? Anyhow, dinner on the table faster than our good but sometimes leisurely Mexican place. A qualified success. Hmmm… possibly too long in the cider marinade? I’ll try starting it in the morning next time.

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