Ginger Pearl Kombucha

House Pearl Ginger Kombucha

Kombucha is one of those things I just hadn’t gotten around to trying until now.

I figure the beverage is popular enough, that I should at least try it.

I’ve heard good things about House Kombucha, Ginger with Pearl Green Tea sounded like a winner.

Giving it a smell, as expected, Vinegar is the first thing that comes to mind. No surprise from a beverage produced by bacterial fermentation.

But, uh, that is a only very slightly flavored beverage, vinegar or otherwise.

Wow, I can see how selling very slightly vinegar-ish water could be a winning business model!

In other news, Quinoa has recently come under fire. Surprise! Inserting lots of yuppie money to Third World economies results in upheaval!

There’s always Domestic Millet, that is, if you prefer to exploit American farmers.

You and your parrot can have the same treat!

It wouldn’t be a day in the Inner Sunset without a trip to Amoeba! Lean Left, Live at Cafe Oto. A new ‘full length’ from OFF! Used copy of the most recent Ex album, Catch My Shoe. Album from Chris Owens, late of Girls, Lysandre.

Amoeba Haul