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4 thoughts on “Blogroll

  1. How do I find your recipes for Orgeat and Falernum? I’ve fumbled around on your pages here, and can’t seem to find those recipies.

    • Oh jeez, forgot to include a search widget in the new layout.

      Thanks for noticing, I’ve added a search widget to the top of the main side panel.

      The last version of Orgeat I made was this: Smallish Orgeat Recipe. I was pretty pleased with it, though recommend blanching you almonds. It also could have used a little more sugar.

      I’ve never posted a Falernum recipe. For that, you’ll have to check with Paul Clarke, Rick Stutz, or Matt Robold.

  2. We’d love to be added to your blogroll! While our site is not all about cocktails we have a blast creating and adding the recipes :)

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