BOTW–Arend Tripel

I really like this beer. First off, I find most Belgian-style Tripels to be too sweet for my taste.

GREAT LABEL! Anyway, the Arend Tripel, while in reality not all that dry, manages to seem drier than it is. I think it is the touch of hops, especially, that give it that impression.

It is also very complex, you can whip out some of those fun Belgian descriptors: Bananas, Clove, bubblegum, and the always popular “Horse Blanket”. No, I’m kidding about the Horse Blanket, I don’t detect much, if any, Brett in this beer. Save that descriptor for Waterloo’s Oud Beersel Oude Gueze. That’s Oud, not Ood, Dr. Who Fans, but if you want to conflate, conflate away.

Kudos to Waterloo Beverages for bringing in this, and the other eclectic Belgian Beers of their range. Great beers, one and all.