Bachelor Pizza and Belgian Pale Ale

Michele was out of town, so time for some boy, dog, cat fun!

Beach Walk in the morning and a Bachelor Pizza and Belgian Pale Ale (Or B.P.A.B.P.A.) Night!

Crazy Day at Fort Funston!

Surf all the way up to the trail down to the beach, hardly room for a small dog to run, and only then between larger waves. We all agreed it was the highest we had ever seen the surf.

So a tramp through the woods and field were necessary.

Cats beware!

Still a beautiful day.

Decided to make some pizza and drink this lovely Belgian Pale Ale from Ommegang. A hybrid of Belgian Ale Yeast and American style hopping.

Toppings were corn, mushrooms, bacon herbs, and feta cheese with some last of the season small tomatoes.

Monty would like some pizza, too, please!

Turned out pretty well, but I was reminded that simple crusts made of just flour, water, and yeast, turn out much better with an overnight sponge or starter. More character. As a friend put it, “otherwise they just end up tasting like they’ve been baked on a pretzel.”

When I mentioned some of the dishes I usually make when Michele is away, one of the chefs at work asked, “Are you making Jambalaya because your wife doesn’t like it?” Hm, no, Michele loves Jambalaya.

I tried to think of something that all the bachelor dinners I’ve made for myself have had in common, and all I could think of was pork. Sausage, Bacon, Loin, Chops, you name it, a bachelor dinner must contain pork.