Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I stopped by Alembic Bar yesterday and confirmed that they are indeed planning on re-launching their “Savoy Cocktail Book Night” the evening of Sunday, Dec 14th.

On Savoy nights, instead of having their regular menu, Alembic simply hands you a “Savoy Cocktail Book” and the bartender tells you to pick a cocktail, any cocktail.

Previously, I have described this enterprise as “masochism”, but others have called it “Hard Core” and “Really Cool”.

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking “Fool Hardy” might best describe the enterprise, as the rumor is they will be allowing a certain middle aged cocktail enthusiast try his hand at Savoy mixology.

Hope to see you there!

Also, for up to date news on what’s going down at Alembic, check out their recently launched blog: Alembic Bar

Monthly Savoy Cocktail Event

Well, this is quite exciting and a potential boon to my Savoy Project.

Alembic Bar, in the upper Haight neighborhood of San Francisco, had held an event on St. Valentine’s Day where they passed out the Savoy Cocktail Book and asked patrons to pick a cocktail, any cocktail. Unfortunately, I was out of town over Valentine’s Day and missed the event.

However, it was such a success that they have decided to make the Savoy event monthly.

To quote the bar manager Dean James:

And since all of that worked out so well, we want to spread the love every month!
So on the last Tuesday of every month, we’ll be rolling it out again. A brief recap if you missed it,
the Savoy Cocktail Book is a famous old cocktail books, one of the first, and it contains hundreds of
great recipes, and a few strange ones, the likes of which we have been hard at work re-creating
behind the scenes. So you get the book, close your eyes and point, and chances are we have the stuff
to make it for you. Anyway, Round 2 is on Tuesday, March 25th. See you there!

Note to Alembic staff: Alembic is already one of my favorite bars. Really. This is above and beyond the call of duty!

Anyway, seriously, I just love the idea that some of these cocktails from the 1930s still have legs in the 21st Century.