Purchases, August, 2013

Been trying to avoid spending money on booze, but sometimes you just gotta go to the liquor store.

Fernet & Genepi.

Fernet & Genepi.

I’ve been waiting for Tempus Fugit‘s Fernet Angelico, for what seems like years. It is finally here and it is just as delicious as I remember.

In addition, the Haus Alpenz imported and Dolin produced Dolin Véritable Génépy Des Alpes arrived.

Dolin Véritable Génépy (Génépi) Des Alpes Liqueur $29.99 – I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! The elusive Génépy (Génépi) from Dolin is a type of liqueur that has long been sought-after, but only recently become available in the US. Its character is derived from the various alpine shrubs of the genus Artemisia. More commonly known as wormwood, Genepi is an iconic alpine botanical associated with the kingdom of Savoy and the regions in France, Switzerland, and Italy that once made up that kingdom. It’s been used for centuries to flavor liqueurs, digestifs and various tonics. The flavor profile falls somewhere in between modern absinthe and chartreuse. While exhibiting significant sweetness, its strong herbal quality keeps it nicely balanced. It makes for an excellent digestif and is a key ingredient in several classic cocktails.”

David Othenin-Girard, K&L Wines

Well, make it a twofer.