Sassafras Anecdote

“Well, to make Root Beer, you’d have to actually use Sassafras, but since those kids at UC Davis proved it is dangerous…”

“Uh, what? Kids at UC Davis?”

I was chatting with an acquaintance about Gruit, Ginger, and Root Beers, and she threw this into the conversation.

According to her, a group of grad students at UC Davis were bored with their research projects and decided to use the facilities to research the potentially hazardous nature of several flavorings commonly used in soft drinks, because according to her, the students thought the FDA never really researched food additives. Sticking it to the man, using grant money and facilities to do research they thought would benefit humanity.

They picked 5 flavorings, one of which was Sassafras Oil, and dosed up a bunch of their lab rats with them.

Of the 5, the only strong correlation they got was with the Sassafras.

Now I’m going to have to confirm this!

Exploratorium: Science of Cocktails

I don’t know what “Meebo” is, but, oh my, this does sound right up my alley!

November 20, 2009

Dear Erik,

I thought you might be interested in the following information.  Images are available upon request.

Science of Cocktails
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Exploratorium transforms into a cocktail laboratory at Science of Cocktails.  Guest mixologists from 15 Romolo, 83 Proof, Orson, Alembic, Annabelle’s Bistro, and other popular San Francisco bars mix delicious cocktails, while guests participate in hands-on science experiments about alcohol, inebriation, hangovers, cocktail creation, and more.  Science of Cocktails presents the artistry of master mixologists shaken with the science behind the craft. Taking an in-depth, hands-on look at the physics, chemistry, and biology of cocktails, this first-time Exploratorium fundraising event engages guests in an exploration of their favorite libations like they’ve never experienced before.  This event is sponsored by Meebo.

General Admission — $50 +

Ticket includes hors d’oeuvres, one free cocktail, samples of all Science of Cocktails signature drinks, access to all Science of Cocktails programs and Exploratorium exhibits, discounted drink tickets for additional cocktails, and a free general admission pass for a future Exploratorium visit.

Top-Shelf Admission — $75 +

Ticket includes all general admission benefits plus access to our exclusive Top-Shelf lounge with special activities, cocktail offerings, and food, the opportunity to meet our guest bartenders and speakers, one additional free cocktail, and a Science of Cocktails gift bag.