Taco Tuesday Feb 22, 2011

Taco Tuesday.

An Al Pastor, Chile Rojo Chicken, and Chile Colorado taco from El Metate. Sorry about the White Balance.

We had tickets to see Justin Townes Earle this last Tuesday, so didn’t have time for any homemade tacos.

I like Mr. Justin Townes Earle, think he is a talented singer, guitar player, and song writer, but some of his “schtick” made me a tad uncomfortable.

He talked a bit about how he had been scheduled to perform at last year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, but had been unable to attend. He explained that he had ongoing problems with substance abuse and incarceration (concert crowd cheers), and that he had actually been in jail when he was supposed to be performing at Hardly Strictly. He said the problem was he liked the alcohol and the cocaine, but that once he started, he liked it just a little bit too much, starting in the shower in the morning (crowd cheers) and continuing throughout the day until somehow he always ended up in jail (crowd cheers).

Words, then, to the effect, “I’ve made it this far, and haven’t died or killed anybody. It will happen again. I don’t see a reason to change unless I kill someone, and I don’t see that happening. If you love me, get used to it.”

He then dedicated this song to, “Knowing better, but still fucking up.” (Crowd Cheers, loudly!)