Tantalus Cocktail Name Speculation

Interesting insight from Randy of Cocktail Journal regarding the naming of the Tantalus Cocktail:

This may just be a coincidence but I’ve had a hunch that the Tantalus Cocktail was named for the mountain range of the same name on the island of O’ahu—where pomelo trees grow quite frequently. In Hawai’i we call pomelo “Jabong” or “bulook” and I think the variety is quite different from the ones found on the Mainland. It is much more bitter and there is far less fruit inside a very thick rind, totally unlike grapefruit and cocktail grapefruit. It doesn’t have the sweetness of starfruit either (at least the starfruit that I know of that grows in Hawai’i).

I just won a full pint of the old formula FF on eBay so soon I’ll be in the tasting club too… and noting that the flavor may have dissipated with age.

Cool, I didn’t even bother to google the name Tantalus, as I figured it had to do with the figure from mythology, but that’s interesting that it might have been named after the Tantalus Range of Mountains in Hawai’i!

I look forward to reading your tasting notes regarding Forbidden Fruit liqueur!